Data models for Slack Apps

When I was setting up the database tables for my first Slack app, Simple Poll, I was more or less flying blind. I wasn’t entirely sure what Slack entities I needed to care about, or what data I needed to store and why. Database tables are easy to get wrong at the beginning, and then can become quite hard to fix up later. A lot has happened since those first lines of code in late December 2015!

Building a University API: Why and How

UCL API is a student-led project working to expose the functionality of UCL services via an API that is easy to use for students and staff alike. At present, it provides documented APIs for room bookings (with webhooks), the timetable, people search, library seat occupancy, desktop PC availability, and OAuth (Sign in with UCL). If you’re a student at UCL and want to start building with these APIs, you can dive right in.